Juggling with balls, scarves and clubs. Plate spinning. Stilts. Club Swinging. Staff/Spear. Diablo. Devil stick. Ribbons. Pedalo.

Classes can be taught on a daily basis or for longer periods of time such as a term. Residencies can lead to a show were groups can collaborate to create a story, characters and develop choreographed work.

Master classes in staff/spear are available and Marion is available for choreography and direction.

Marion has been a visiting tutor at Belfast Community Circus School, and Skylight Circus School as well as leading master classes at both British and European Juggling Conventions.

Classes are lively and fun. Totally inclusive and everyone succeeds.

These are cross-body activities that can form links between the left and right sides of the brain.

Circus training can benefit:

Health and well being – mind, body and spirit.

Co-ordination – especially eye-to-hand.

Balance – mental as well as physical.

Concentration – practice in focus and persistence.

Build up of confidence – everyone acquires new skills.

Self expression- showing off and performing for others.

Ambidexterity – the weaker side is developed equally.

Flexibility – bending twisting and stretching.

Improved reflexes – muscle memory is developed and is quicker than the brain.


Marion Kenny is a member of Equity and has public liability insurance. She holds a full Scottish Disclosure Form.